2012 Hot Springs, Arkansas

September 19-23:  Co-hosted by Bob and Sue Jordan and Bob and Bonnie Biles all attendees had a wonderful time in this unique city.

MACS-8 2012 Reunion Newsletter

Larry Butts contacted me to say he had two additions to the newsletter:

1.  Add Missouri to the state list, Chick and MaryAnn Pendergraft live in Golden, MO.

2.  He thought Walt Kryzcki was also ill and couldn’t make the trip.

The Krzycki’s did not attend because Margie had oral surgery and travel was difficult for her. The Walker’s did not attend because Sharon had heart surgery, she is on the mend but travel was restricted at this time. Both Bill McGinn and Jerry Crutchfield had planned on attending but both are  having cemo and could not travel. They are all in our prayers.  Bob Jordan

Hot Springs Reunion photos on Flickr thanks to contributors Bob and Sue Jordan, MaryAnn and Chick Pendergraft, Jim and Carol Liston, and Kent and Jennifer Miller..

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