Next Reunion

The 2018 MACS-8 Reunion will be hosted by Sig and Janet Stenmark and Larry and Rose Benoit. The reunion will be tentatively from Sept. 26 thru 30th in Savannah, Georgia!




9 thoughts on “Next Reunion

  1. Please send me more info. I was in MACS-8 in 1967. I was an E-5 & worked
    for Gunny Maclehaney at Cherry Point

  2. Fritz, if you click on the Reunion Flyer on this page you can get all the info on the Next Reunion. You will need Adobe Reader to open the flyer. Kent Miller MACS-8 Blog NCO

  3. (address is for sister: Marynella J. Kinnard. I am Mack T. Thornton (386-559 3768 on said:

    I am traveling and not currently at my home address. Please contact me at my sister’s home ( in Penscola, FL. I am Mack T. Thornton, (served in Macs-8) from Miami, FL to Atsugi, Japan 1954-upward. I was the NCOIC of Power Section.

    • Sorry Ray, an oversight on my part.. It is there to be clicked on now. Although in the beginning of April I emailed everyone their own copy.. Kent

      • Thanks Kent. I did receive the e-mail copy, but after Edna gets done making her notes over it I can’t read the damn thing. See you in Lexington.
        Ray K.

  4. If anyone is interested the Ark that was built a few years ago is in Williamstown, Kentucky. That is about 45 miles north of Lexington. It is supposed to be life size according to the measurements in the Bible! If you google “Ark Encounter” you will find it.

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