Jim (Sam) Cesena was another radar tech, and a good friend, that died about 10 years
ago. Also, Charlie Mears, our super controller who was with me in Vietnam and later was CO of MACS-7 (I think).

Just informed that Burrell S. Miller passed away in 2009.

12/7/11 Joe Morgan has recently passed away.. Joe served with MACS-8 Maintenance from 1962-65 at New River, Atsugi and Okinawa.

February 2012 Dave Holcroft was added to the list per information supplied by Don Whisnant.

Dover Slone passed away in May 2011.  Dover worked in MACS-8 New River Maintenance and did not come to the Far East with us in 1964-65.

Pat Kearney passed away June 2, 2012.

Gaines Lee Willis passed away in July 2012.

Larry V. Davis – informed by Marge Redus in September 2012 that she received news from Larry’s family that he has passed away recently.

Nov. 4th.. Recently informed that Bill McGinn passed away.  Services for Bill will be held on Saturday, November 24th at 1:00pm at Palms Baptist Church in 29 Palms, California.

Nov 11th.. Received an email from Tom and Marge Redus stating that the MACS-8 Memorial List should be updated to include Joe Hill and Ed Melville.

April 27, 2013.. Oscar D. Cook Jr. passed away per his daughter in a note to Tom and Marge Redus.

July 29th.. Notified by Bob Stare that John Reiniche passed away June 18th.

Bob Stare informed us that Jim Gehringer passed away Friday, July 25th..

Informed by Marge Redus that Dennis J. Massinello passed away 8/5/14..

Notified that Mike Picarello passed away in July of this year.

Leroy (Robbie) Robinett passed away on October 19, 2017

18 thoughts on “Memorial

  1. This is a good site. I haven’t made a reunion yet, will have to get in gear. I was sad to see Gary Burrier passed, he was a good friend in MACS-8. I have tried to track down R.L.Saxon for years with no luck he may have moved to Japan.
    Robert J. Burke

    • Bob, glad to hear from you. Thanks for the site compliment.. You are on our “Where R U?” list.. I will email you for the update information MACS-8 needs. Kent Miller Blog NCO

      • Kent,
        I just found this site and would like to know when the next reunion will take place. I was in MACS-8 from February 1956 thru April 1959. We were based in Opalaka, FL and when the base closed in 1958 the unit was transferred to Parris Island.
        Vince Connolly

      • Vince, thanks for your comment.. Our 2014 reunion will be in September at Terre Haute, Indiana.. More details will follow next year. Please check our REUNION page under the sub-title “Next Reunion” for further information. Kent Miller Blog NCO

      • Kent, died 3 times last year working on getting up to top condition. Do you have any info on D. E. Chewning he passed way back. Would love to know his internet location. If possible I would pay respects.
        Is there a 2019 location determined yet?
        2nd and main e-mail is

      • Robert, have no information on Dave Chewning who passed away a long time ago. Springfield, Illinois is next year’s reunion. I don’t have this email address in our MACS-8 member list, what is your last name Robert? Kent Miller

      • Robert how you been? Ski says to say hi to you from Pennsylvania. Will change your email on our MACS-8 member/contact list.

      • Good, let Ski know it’s been a long time. We were up in Scranton 2 weeks ago. Will let him know the next time we are up so we can talk. I have lost contact with Bob Marz from NJ he was at one of the reunions. If you hear from him let me know. Have a good evening Kent.

  2. I thought I would bring to your attention the passing of two marines I served with in MACS-8. After leaving the Marine Corps I went to work for RCA International Service Company. While I was stationed in Thule, Greenland on the BMEWS contract I was notified of the passing of J.J. Collatz. When we went overseas in 1960 we all made out wills and I had witnessed Cpl. Collatz’s will. I was told he passed away of a ruptured appendix. He was in southern Greenland, Sondestrom I believe at the time. I was asked to attest to his will.

    When I transfered to the Missle Test Project in 1964 I was sent to Grand Bahama Island Tracking Station. The first person I met there was Skip Mimms, L/Cpl. P.R. Mimms. Skip transfered to Grand Turk Island Tracking Station late in 1964 or early 1965. While on a fishing trip with 2 other RCA employees their boat was swamped and started to sink. Skip’s buddies decided to swim ashore as the boat was drifting out to sea. Skip chose to stay with the boat. The two men made it to shore and came back ASAP. The fishing boat nor Skip were ever found. He was declared lost. He left his young wife after less than a year of marrage.

    • Elliot, thanks for the comment and update on the passing of Collatz and Mimms.. I will get them added to the list.. Kent Miller, Blog site NCO

  3. I just saw Frank Bulick’s name on the memorial list. Can anyone tell me if he was from Logansport, Indiana. I remember that he was quite the basketball player. I live near Logansport. Ray Folley. Semper Fi

  4. Hello. My name is Paul Boggiano. If anyone here served with my father Richard James Boggiano it would be great to learn a little bit about his time. He didn’t talk about his service much. He passed away May 8th 2005.

    • Paul, yes I served with and knew your father.. I was in the S-1 Administrative Section and knew mostly everybody. Rich was in the Radio section of MACS-8 and was at New River, NC and went with us on a Far East tour to Japan and Okinawa in 1964-65. I will add him to our MACS-8 Memorial List. Kent Miller

    • Paul, I knew your Dad and he was a good man and Marine. I am sorry to see he has moved on, but we will all meet again some day. It has been a while since I checked in and as usual we find more of our unit has moved on. You had a great Dad, he was a good friend and we had a few drinks in those days. Semper Fi

  5. An old friend passed away a few years ago; John Santiago. I was stationed with John at MACS-8, Camp Schwab, Okinawa, late 1969 to spring 1970, in the generator section. John was a great guy!

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