3 thoughts on “Duty Stations

  1. Mack Thornton: I was there in MACS-8 at the same time Tuner, Snap, Blocker, Sammy Landrum, Thomson, Nesbet, Miles, Vandiver, Bud Arington.. Anyway there are a lot of guys from Miami who are not on the rolls of MACS-8. I remember the names, but not the faces.

  2. HMR(L)261, 2dMAW, 1960-61, MCAF New River, Great base compared to mainside Camp Lejeune! Great club and barracks, mess hall…. I had a great time there til 261 transferred to MCAF Futema, turned into HMM and ended the tour in Jul 62 in Thailand! A great 2 years with the WING!

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