Duty Stations

From MCAS Miami (Opa-locka), Page Field (Parris Island, SC), Cubi Point, Philipines, to New River and Cherry Point, NC and overseas to NAS, Atsugi and Iwakuni, Japan onwards to Camp Schwab and Camp Futenma, Okinawa.

3 thoughts on “Duty Stations

  1. Mack Thornton: I was there in MACS-8 at the same time Tuner, Snap, Blocker, Sammy Landrum, Thomson, Nesbet, Miles, Vandiver, Bud Arington.. Anyway there are a lot of guys from Miami who are not on the rolls of MACS-8. I remember the names, but not the faces.

  2. HMR(L)261, 2dMAW, 1960-61, MCAF New River, Great base compared to mainside Camp Lejeune! Great club and barracks, mess hall…. I had a great time there til 261 transferred to MCAF Futema, turned into HMM and ended the tour in Jul 62 in Thailand! A great 2 years with the WING!

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