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  1. Great site! At least I see some familiar faces on this one. I recall Tsosie at morning formation most days responding to the Sgt. Major when his name was called out. The response was always “Shit Detail Sgt. Major”. Which meant that he got to burn the shit from the out houses at the site on the hill. The Sgt. Major must have really liked him! I recall having to do that once when I first arrived at the squadron. The new guys always got the fun assignments. Does anyone have pictures of the radar and TAOC technicians? I was a 5975. Most of the pictures are of the Ops folks. I did 5 months at Schwab and 6 months in Iwakuni, Japan at our sub detachment there.

    Sgt Andrew Sobien

    • Sgt. Sobien, thanks for the good feedback! Actually I just uploaded those 1970 Camp Schwab and MCAS Futenma photos yesterday. They were sent courtesy of Sgt. Howard Andrews who you may know? Does anyone who served on this 1970 Far East tour have some photos of the radar and TAOC techs? If so, send them to me.

  2. I will try to contact another guy I went to computer school with at 29 Palms. Let’s see if I can dig up some more of my generation and more pictures.

  3. Big high five to Kent Miller for the excellent job he has done in setting up and maintaining this site.
    We really appreciate his dedication and hard work. Semper Fi

    • Bob, let me know about posting pictures… I have quite a few myself that I want to share… MACS-8 Okinawa 1969-70, great guys that worked the generators and motor pool… and even a few pics of the women in town that have been shown already. I have also slick and dudly pics as well…

  4. Hi John, it has been a year since I posted my pics. I think you contact the guy running this site and he will tell you how to load the pics. You must have been at Schwab just after me as I got out of the Corps in 1970

  5. Huh? I was in Ops 1970 – Sgt Howie or Sgt Andrews, depending on what jacket I was wearing 🙂 Dec 69 to Dec 1970 – Training NCO as well

  6. Kent and Jen, Thank you the fantastic time at Berlin! We enjoyed it and hope to return sometime and see more. I haven’t heard of any news on your heel operation and I hope you’re ok.
    Pam and I and several of the immediate family have been busy trying to find a place to have our next shindig in Terre Haute. We will have to bust it just to try and get close to your job. Again thank you-big time!

  7. Kent, thank you for adding my brother CW4 Leonard J. Patchin to the Memorial Roll. I visited MACS 8 at Atsugi in 1964, coming down from Korea. I enjoyed meeting many of his fellow MACS-8ers. Len was quite proud of his service with MACS 8. Charles “Pappy” Patchin, LTC, ARMY, (Ret) Semper Fi.

    • Pappy, you are more than welcome.. Len was a great officer with MACS-8 enlisted and fellow Marine officers. He and his wife were consistently loyal MACS-8 reunion attendees. He is missed! Semper Fi, Kent Miller

  8. I need to change my contact info. I am retiring from Boeing after 47 years and my e-mail address will be “”.

  9. January 2014.. Received an email from Chick Pendergraft’s wife Mary Ann.. She stated that Chick was having bladder surgery on Dec. 30th and now she says that his surgery involved a biopsy and that it may pertain to his prostate cancer he has been fighting for 20 years.. Our prayers are with him and we hope he will be back to health soon..

  10. Just letting you know about the passing of C. E. (Ed) McClanahan. Cpl McClanahan and I served together in MACS-8, Okinawa. (circa: July 1970 – August 1971) He passed away Sept. 2006. He was a member of the San Jose, CA fire department.

  11. Today I was contacted by another Marine I served with at MACS-8, Okinawa. LCpl Jerome Nix. He was in Operations and currently resides in Salem, Illinois. He found me on “Together we Served.”

  12. 40+ years of searching for my best friend from our time together in MACS-8 only to find he passed away in 2006. Semper Fi and final taps to Cpl. C. E. (Ed) McClanahan of San Jose Ca. (Served in MACS-8 circa 1970-71. He was an Assistant Weapons Controller in the Operations Section). When he passed he was a member of the Fire Department.

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