About MACS-8

It has been well over 50 years since we served together. Over the last 10 plus years the “roundup” has been gathering momentum.

We are not a charity, nor are we a veterans’ group (e.g. VFW, AL, or MCL). We are simply United States Marines who served in Marine Aircraft Control Squadron Eight.                            

We are not organized into some sort of structure, although Tommy Redus and the late Tom Asbjornsen have accomplished a lot in getting it (and us) all together.

If you were ever a member of the squadron, married or otherwise related to someone who was, or are interested in the unit and its people, then you are in the right place!

We are indeed
The Few, The Proud, and The Remaining

27 thoughts on “About MACS-8

  1. Please try having a reunion on the West Coast. Maybe at Disney Land in Anaheim, CA. Since I live in Anaheim I could probably attend it.

    There are some nice Indian casinos not too far north of San Diego that have hotels. Harrah’s Rincon and Valley View to name a couple. Valley View is my preference because half of the casino is non smoking as is the entire hotel. It is really non smoking too with a positive air flow system. And you can actually walk out with winnings in your pocket. The slots and poker machines start at penny and go up to accommodate the rich folks.

    • Sgt. Sobien, you are on our email list and your email is current. In 2007, Jim Liston hosted a reunion in Pacifica, CA.. The hosts determine where and when each year’s reunion is held with the approval and vote of the reunion attendees at the banquet. So far Colorado and Texas are the farthest west we have been. Hope you can make it to Hot Springs, AR in September.. Kent Miller Blog NCO

  2. S/Sgt. Mack Thornton will be there in Hot Springs, God willing, and I hope to bring Sgt. Norbert Turner along with me. We served together in MACS-8 in Miami, FL and also Parris Island at old Page Field. Mack Thornton (macscorps@att.net)

  3. Hi , I sent you an email but thought I should also write.
    I was a member of MACS-8 while in the Marines back in the late 60’s. While we were in Okinawa I received Marine of the Month award. My name is Robert (Bob) M. Rader.

    • Bob, welcome aboard! I sent you an email about your question about photos.. Also need your personal data for our MACS-8 Member List. Kent Miller, Blog NCO

  4. I just had a wonderful conversation with Robert (Bob) Glass about our adventures in MACS-8 while in Miami, Parris Island, Cubi Point and Atsugi (1957-1961). What makes it all the more wonderful is that Bob is not dead! He is listed on your memorial page, so I reasonably assumed that someone knew of his death and reported it. So for any of you old MACS-8ers who knew Bob, know that he is alive and well!

    Semper Fi,
    Don Whisnant

  5. Just discovered this website. Please sign me up! My time in MACS-8 was rewarding, educational, even a bit adventuresome, and (dare I say it?) FUN! Great memories for a maturing geezer!
    The growing Memorial List brings sadness, but restores some really great memories about some truly great Marines. Thanks for the memories, gentlemen!

    Buford W. “Bo” Braswell of Alabama
    September 25, 2014

    • Bo, or as we who were with MACS-8 in New River, Atsugi and Okinawa (1961-65) remember you as “Captain Braswell” OIC of Operations Crew 3.. Welcome aboard! I was in Admin (S-1) serving with Sgt. Major Gentry, Gunny Hollis, Captains Eggleston and Goldsborough.. Please comment anytime and thanks for the nice picture you sent me of you and Pat. I will post it on our Flickr photostream. Did you know that you can click on a photo on the home page and it will bring you to our MACS-8 albums where you can look at over 2,000 photos! Kent (KA) Miller BlogNCO

  6. Just one more MACS-8 guy here.. Futema 1970 – Hello to everyone – hope all have had good lives! David Davidson

    • David, I was in MACS-8 in 1970 to 1971. Got there when we were at Schwab, then moved to compound out the back gate at Futenma and left before they moved on Futenma. You there that time? Thanks

      • No, it was at Futenma when I was there – they were just building the radar dome when I arrived… was with Comm… Gunny Blair was my superior… in case you remember him… PS I thought this site had shut down… hope to see it still up!

  7. Mack Thornton: Turning 84 in March. I check on anything new about MACS-8 or about the rest of the MACS-8 people to see if any of my old friends are stil around. The good old days, Tom A. and Mike and myself with the old staff car, the PTA car that we got at Zama for sixty bucks. It was an old staff car, I really liked being part of MACS-8. It was part of my family in a way.

    • Mack, glad to hear from you! Miss you at the reunions. Yes, on this blog site you can check on old friends or comment to anyone about anything like your old staff car.. Kent Miller, MACS-8 blog NCO

  8. I was in MACS-8 at the Skoshi (Little in Japanese) Navy Base then MACS-8 was renamed MACS-4. Sorry to read Ed McClanahan passed in the newsletter. We were in MACS-2 in Kaneohe HI then met up again in Okinawa. We were roommates in the Quonset huts until I moved off base.
    Mike Hammond.

  9. So many names I forget but the guys in the Comms shack still keep in touch i.e., Cpl Bill (Charlie) Bascom, Cpl Doug Brane, Cpl Gary Zehnder, Lcpl Bill Steinberg. Others we know: John Getz (Radio Relay TDY from Cherry Point, Charlie Zahn. Trying to round up some of this crew to attend the Savannah reunion. Wish me luck.

  10. MACS-8 was a relative short stay for me – maybe 6 months? The guys I remember were Cpl Bob Walker, Cpl Victor Cruz, LCPL Al Gurerro, LCPL Ed McCague, and Gunny Blair. I remember several other ‘faces’ but not names. A few of us owned a car that we drove from the barracks to the MACS-8 facility daily – we painted a peace sign on the top of it – got lots of flak about that – ring a bell to anyone?

      • No, I was in Communications – we were outside the base in some shack — the Motor T group was between us and the CP… Good to hear from you… what was your story?

      • I don’t think so… I remember it being an older wooden/metal building – when I arrived they were building a large white radar dome between us and the CP – when walking from our work area to the CP you walked right by the dome and through Motor T. We were ‘outside’ the base… but I’m a little vague on how we got to the area everyday. We lived in the new barracks that was on Futenma base – near the EM club – the guys I hung around with had a car (it was a small ‘Prince’ station wagon) and I hitched a ride to with them everyday. It seems like there was a back gate or something, but I don’t remember going through a ‘guarded gate’? I remember we could come in the main gate to Futenma Air base without liberty passes and just tell the guards “MACS-8” and the would let us in… we did that a lot… and thought we were really pulling something off. I seldom went to the CP – you will remember… the least you exposed yourself the better! Where we worked the guys who did radio repair were just next door… I don’t recall any of those names. The guys I remember in my unit was Cpl Victor Cruze, Cpl. Bob Walker, LCPL Ed McCague, LCPL Al Gurerro, LCPL Mike McCormick (who was a PC driver) and, LCPL Mike Clayton who I believe was later KIA. It was a crazy time back then…

  11. I was with Macs-8 during 1955/56 and was part of the crew that reconditioned the officers housing just outside of the main Opa Locka base. Sgt Tusi from Samoa was in charge. He had two nephews Tusi & Tavita who preformed the Samoan war dances. They were not Marines. We did go to Roosevelt Roads by LST .Sorry, but age has clouded my memory regarding names, but if you respond I’ll remember. I do remember: Phillips from W.Virginia, Landry from Louisiana, Smith from PA and Russ Levy. Hope that some of you guys are still alive and kicking. Sgt Skip Bowen

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